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Guidely is a unifying center where people come to give and receive guidance. Launching to an audience of 3 million, Guidely helps you find perfect Clients by leveraging technology to make meaningful connections. 

Aligning Your Gifts with the Perfect Client


Together we can Transform the World

What you do is unique. Guidely gives you the tools to offer your gifts any way you like:

One-on-one sessions
Live workshops
Digital courses

You can access our frequency asked questions here

Perfect Profile
Present yourself to the world exactly the way you want, so the perfect Client knows you when they see you. 
Advanced Matching
Guidely's matching algorithms only bring you Clients that need what you do best. Perfect every time. 
Custom Offerings
You are unique, and so are your offerings. Create multiple one-on-one, live workshops, online video courses. 
Integrated Video/Chat
All your communication systems are already built into the platform, including live video powered by Chime and integrated real-time chat.
Automated billing
Never worry about billing again. Guidely takes care of everything so you have more time to focus on serving. 
Keep track of upcoming Client sessions and workshops on your dashboard, featuring meeting links for your video sessions.

Guidely is launching to a global community of 3 million, including nearly 1 million in our email audience. We regularly feature world-class visionaries through live Facebook events to inspire our community. 

Join us as a Guide to share your gifts with a broader audience.

Your offerings get the perfect presentation.
FAQ Access

 Join us. Together we can  transform the world.

Guidely is committed to promoting and growing our community to maximize each Guide's success. 

Guidely membership benefits: 
Robust advertising strategy
    Customized profiles & offerings
    Advanced client matching
    Integrated zoom conferencing & live chat
    Automated billing
    Central calendaring
    Partnership with a global brand

Benefits & Pricing